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The Paper Chase

Even with the abundance of opportunity at our fingertips there is still a pervasive sense of lack in our society.  Increasing abundance of opportunity has not resulted in increasing satisfaction or happiness.  Why is that?

The 4 Hooks of Motivational Training

Motivational training events has become an industry onto itself. While they can serve as a valuable tool for industry insight and networking opportunities, beware the up-sell!

How to Turn Your Home Into A Personal ATM

When people think of ways to make passive income on property that they own they usually think of renting.  We are not taught personal or creative finance in school so the majority of us follow the same path to try to better ourselves financially.  Homeownership is the American dream.  For the majority of us our home will be our most valuable possession.  But it … Read More How to Turn Your Home Into A Personal ATM

No Man Is An Island 

For many of us it’s easier to contribute to other people than to allow others to contribute to us.

Debt & Delay

A disheartening consequence of having unmanageable “bad” debt is delay in attaining goals and dreams.

The Power of the ‘P’: Perseverance

If you’ve decided to be an entrepreneur you’ve taken a leap of faith in your vision and ability to create something out of nothing.  You begin with enthusiasm, anxiety, excitement and hope for all the dreams and goals you want to achieve.  You might even have a business plan; a home office; an LLC; client leads.  You have all the pieces in place to … Read More The Power of the ‘P’: Perseverance

Debt Bad, Leverage Good

Buy things that will appreciate in value. When you can leverage your time and your money and then put your money to work, you are on the road to riches.


What Kobe Bryant Learned About Money

Last month, NBA superstar Kobe Bryant contributed to a series by The Player’s Tribune titled “Letters To My Younger Self.”  What he wrote echoes many of the same messages depicted in shows like Survivor’s Remorse, which he produces, and Ballers.  His letter addresses the management of personal relationships after coming into a windfall – especially at a young age. The issue he points out … Read More What Kobe Bryant Learned About Money


The Mortgage Is Just The Beginning…

A mortgage payment can be thought of much like a new boyfriend or girlfriend; there is so much more than meets the eye. Sure you know you have the mortgage payment, but stop to consider everything else that comes with it.


Real Estate Investing, With Other Peoples’ Money (It’s a thing)

It is possible to get started in real estate investing with little to no money out of pocket. Even some of the most successful real estate investors began with hardly any money to their name.


The ‘Trial’ Temptation

Free trial periods are a great way to gauge interest in a product or service but only when used as intended.


The “Millennial Investor” Is A Thing…

Coinciding with the most massive transfer of wealth in perhaps the history of the world is a new approach to wealth management. But you don’t have to have a silver spoon in your mouth for the same principles to apply to you.