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To Cover Or Not To Cover

Covering up doesn’t equal shame and showing every nook and cranny doesn’t equal confidence. 

Learning To Embrace The Superpower Within

Our superpower is often the thing about ourselves that we dismiss because it makes us different.

How Dana Lost Three Winning Lottery Tickets

What I have learned in recent years is that while most people dream about a miracle windfall they fail to recognize the “lottery ticket” they already have in their grasp.

Motivation Porn

The idea that being an employee makes you a loser in life has taken off in the age of digital technology, in which opportunities to earn a living independently have skyrocketed.

My Mini Social Media Detox

There is growing awareness around the psychological manipulation that social media platforms employ to get users hooked.

Comfort Is A Girl’s Worst Friend

A theme that has come up recently with the younger people in my life is the issue of how to assess the value of an opportunity.  I have repeated the same advice, to think about  the long term benefit(s) of accepting the opportunity being presented.  The thing that stood out very clearly in both situations is that they wanted to wait for the perfect … Read More Comfort Is A Girl’s Worst Friend

Overthinking: The Anti-Superpower?

I’ve been thinking about over-thinking and how to resolve it; how to overcome it to accomplish goals, certainly, but more importantly, to create a great an abundant life.

Issues With Writing My Book

It is a story of triumph, hope and faith, and lessons learned from having to dig deep into the core of my being for the strength and tenacity to hold on

Linked In To Leverage

By leveraging the resources, talents and skills of others an entrepreneur can accomplish much more than he or she can on their own.

Sign Seeing

Signs are not coincidence. Signs illuminate both lessons and warnings.

How To Graduate with Less or No Debt

There are several ways to graduate with less or no debt.  At the root of decreasing the need to take on debt to advance one’s education are planning, time and diligence. Here are some things to consider.


Pitch & Leap

When opportunity knocks be prepared to answer. There is one essential tool every entrepreneur should have in their war chest to never be caught off guard.