No Man Is An Island 

“No man is an island. No man stands alone.”  I will always remember singing that song in a choir competition in high school. It is a valuable message, always relevant. As I examine the things that have kept and are keeping me back in my business goals, it has become even more clear to me that the longer I keep doing everything myself the longer it will take to get where I want to go, no matter how hard I work. No one accomplishes great things all on their own.

I have seen the destructive consequences of a business owner relying solely on their own efforts to run their business. Ego,  stubbornness and lack of education will stunt all potential.  Everybody needs a team – and not only entrepreneurs. But for people in business for themselves especially, it is important to be willing and able to delegate responsibilities. Nobody is good at everything. Nobody knows all things.  It takes humility, wisdom, and even common sense sometimes, to be willing to acknowledge our shortcomings.

For many of us it’s easier to contribute to other people than to allow others to contribute to us. But if you look at the greatest business leaders who are nearly universally admired, they all give credit to some mentor or colleague(s) – other people, whose input helped them to succeed. Working with a good team or partner allows you to leverage everyone’s time and get more accomplished.  It also allows other people to fill in for your deficiencies.

Ego can cause a person to resist getting help in their business but so can past experiences. At a recent real estate event an investor warned me profusely about going into partnerships.  He insisted on the importance of doing everything yourself. I’ve seen instagram posts regarding the same sentiment.  Yes, when we put ourselves out there to trust someone else, with it comes the opportunity to be burned. But clinging to the past just keeps you stuck there. And you, the business owner, will waste time and money doing tasks that don’t generate income and can easily be done by somebody else.

I have spent a lot of time trying to find reliable help from people I know but find it frustrating as I discover that they are either not serious or mistake my offer as a request for advice. But I know I need help if I am ever going to really soar.  So I have decided to invest in a virtual assistant. It suits my mobile lifestyle, is economical and there is no previous relationship baggage. It’s very straightforward.

In my corporate life I was able to increase both productivity and profitability of organizations by transforming the environment through team building. I know what can be accomplished with the right talents and the right leadership. I know it is impossible to build something great all alone.

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